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Grey's Teas Tea Store

Grey's Teas Tea Store

Grey's online Tea Store offers over 100 of the best loose leaf tea types from the top tea growing regions. Buy the best quality loose leaf, speciality gourmet tea leaves online here.

A little about: our Tea Store

Grey’s Teas offers over one hundred speciality, loose teas from areas of the world renown for producing quality teas with all the diversity of character and aroma you would expect from Britain's best online tea shop. Our teas are from single tea gardens or recognised tea growing areas. Organic teas are here collated from across our catalogue. Black Teas: these oxidised teas include those from India including Assam, Darjeeling and Nilgiri. Green Teas: these unoxidised include China green, Japanese green, Assam and Darjeeeling green and Kenyan green.Oolong Teas are semi-oxidised teas including China and Formosa oolongs as well as examples from Assam and Nepal. White Teas are made in a similar manner to green teas but are not rolled or broken and include those from China and India. Flavoured Teas include black and green flavoured teas and a flavoured oolong. Herbal Teas and Infusions are generally caffeine-free and many have long been recognised for for their health benefits.

Tea samples can be ordered should you wish. We also offer a gift wrapping service with a greetings card which are specially designed for us. This is ideal when giving our tea collections or individually chosen tin caddies.

We now donate £0.50 for each order to Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. The charity aims to beat blood cancers through its excellent research; a deserving cause which we are delighted to support. You may donate directly via the Grey's Teas LLR Fundraising Page.

Organic Teas

Our organic teas comprise teas from all the main tea categories across black, green, oolong and white teas.

English Blended Teas

As well as the single source 'garden' teas listed in the other sections we also offer classic tea blends are recognised internationally for their distinctive qualities. The skill of the tea taster ensures that consistent flavour is maintained.

Black Teas

It is black tea that is most familiar to us. Black teas are allowed to oxidise during manufacture but there are considerable variations in method. This gives them immense variety of character. We offer black teas from India, Nepal, China, Ceylon and Kenya. We specialise in tea made by the orthodox method and all are the best quality large leaf grades.

Green Teas

Green Teas have very low levels of caffeine (8.4 mg per cup compared with 25-110 mg per cup for black teas and 60-120 mg for coffee). Green teas are fresher in taste and should be drunk not too strong and without milk. China makes many of its finest green teas by hand. We also stock green teas from Japan as well as green Indian Darjeelings.

Huoshan Huangya Yellow tea

Huoshan Huangya 'Yellow Sprouting' tea is a famous (Tribute) tea from Huoshan county in Anhui Province and dates from the Ming dynasty. Yellow tea is known as fresh or spring tea and is a good example of the skill of Chinese tea making. This is one of only a few still made ....

Oolong Teas

Oolong tea (originally known as Wu long), meaning black dragon, are semi-fermented (i.e. semi-oxidised) teas generally grown in low altitude areas of Ali Shan in Formosa (Taiwan) and in the high altitude areas of Wuyi Shan in north west Fujian province of China. Oolong teas are light and delicate. They are picked when the leaves are not too young and are processed immediately after plucking. Oolongs are always whole leaf teas, never broken by rolling. We also have rare oolong teas from Assam and Nepal.

White Teas

These extraordinary teas are harvested for only a few days each year when the buds are white with the down of the new growth. The leaf is just dried and withered and has the lowest caffeine levels of any tea, the tea hardly oxidising at all. It is a very pale tea with a distinctly delicate flavour. White tea should be brewed with boiled water that has cooled for a minute.

Flavoured Teas

Flavoured teas may be made with black, green or oolong teas. Natural fruit pieces or leaves are added to the tea. Alternatively flowers, spices are added. All tea readily absorbs other flavours but China teas are particularly well suited to fruit teas, Ceylon teas to those such as Vanilla. All our teas have a very natural and fresh taste. Included in this section are some traditional scented teas.

Herbal Teas & Infusions

Herbal infusions and teas do not contain tea itself (Camellia sinensis). They can be a pleasant and healthy alternative to tea. As most do not contain caffeine, Mate being a noteworthy exception, they can make an ideal bed-time drink. These infusions are usually made from the dried leaf, in the same manner in which teas are made. Sometimes the flower or root of the plant is used. Our range offer distinct flavours and health benefits, recognised for centuries. All our herbal infusions are supplied loose.

Tea Samples & Accessories

Here you will find teapots and infusers for making single cups of tea without fuss and tea Gift Vouchers and Gift Wrapping which enable you to give our teas as a much appreciated present. Brita water filters are also here to enhance the taste of your tea. Samples of our teas may also be ordered.

Tea Collections

We offer nine collections of Grey's large leaf loose teas designed either as an introduction to our teas or as a gift. The selections of four tins are specially wrapped in green tissue paper labelled with the tea collection you have chosen. A greeting message may be included where given as a gift. Recently we have added two new collections: Explorers's Black and Explorers' Green.

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