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Organic loose leaf black, green, oolong & white teas collated from across our Tea Store.

Our loose leaf organic teas comprise teas from all the main tea categories across black, green, oolong and white teas. Our organic tea comprises black teas such as Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiri, Nepalese tea and Ceylon. We have organic green tea from China, Ceylon, Assam and Japan. Our organic oolong is from China. All our teas are certified organic. Organic teas use no artificial fertilisers or pesticides in their production. Our teas are inspected according to EU organic standard 2092/91.

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  • Assam-garden-3

    Assam Jamguri TGFOP1 organic tea

    From: £8.84

    The Jamguri garden is located in the Golaghat District in the centre of Assam. This TGFOP1 grade organic tea has a good malty richness with a certain cocoa aroma without excessive body…

  • Black-Assam-2ndFlush-Tonganagaon-3

    Assam Tonganagaon Second Flush organic tea

    From: £11.52

    This organic second flush Assam has an abundance of tips producing a rich yet elegant tea. Produced by this small garden only in limited quantities Tonganagaon is a superb full bodied, malty tea with a tangy, spicy note. Brew for four minutes.

  • Green-CeylonOrganic-3

    Ceylon Green Organic

    From: £7.75

    In addition to its typical Ceylon black teas the organic Idulgashena garden in the Uva region produces an increasing amount of green teas. They are full of flavour and will also appeal to green tea beginners. The wiry leaves produce a medium …

  • CeylonBlackwood2

    Ceylon Uva Blackwood Organic tea

    From: £9.34

    Our certified organic Ceylon is from the Uva region’s Blackwood tea garden. The leaves have that classic long, black, wiry character producing a rich bronze coloured cup with good body and a distinctive light fragrance. Can be enjoyed with or without milk.

  • Oolong-China-Bio-3

    China Oolong Bio tea

    From: £9.75

    From China's Zhejiang province, this semi-fermented oolong is certified organic. Having long twisted leaf this is a full flavoured oolong with a lingering, faintly forresty taste, reminiscent of pine cones. It has a satisfying complexity in the cup.

  • NA001473

    Darjeeling Monteviot Organic First Flush tea

    From: £13.15

    This first flush is produced at Monteviot, one of Darjeeling’s oldest tea gardens located in Kurseong south valley at an average altitude of 3600 feet. At around 220 acres the garden it is also one of Darjeeling’s smallest. The leaf is green …

  • DDarjeeling Risheehat garden

    Darjeeling Risheehat organic green tea

    From: £8.41

    An organic, fresh green looking tea with an equally fresh aroma with noticeable tip. In the cup Risheehat Green is aromatic, complexly foresty with Darjeeling muscatel character. It has well balanced astringency. Brew for three minutes.

  • DDarjeeling Risheehat garden

    Darjeeling Risheehat organic Second Flush tea

    From: £13.75

    Risheehat has a greenish and tippy appearance. This organic 2nd flush produces a pale fragrant liquor with a light floral nose and a smooth buttery taste. A top Darjeeling. Infuse for three minutes.

  • DarjeelingSingel2

    Darjeeling Singell Organic FTGFOP tea

    From: £8.74

    This large leaf, tippy, organic Darjeeling has a distinctly rich aroma with a little sweetness. Singell therefore has all the characteristics of a really good Darjeeling, having muscatel character with notes of honey and clover. It has sufficient …

  • Oolong-Darjilong-3

    Happy Valley Darjilong organic

    From: £13.98

    Darjeeling tea lends itself well to the oolong process of semi-oxidation. It creates a character beautifully complementary to the muscatel taste of Darjeeling. It is a fragrant tea that has a little more complexity than you would expect with black …

  • Green-Japanese-SenchaGyokuroAshi-3

    Japanese Sencha Gyokuro Asahi (Jade Dew) organic

    From: £27.38

    Gyokuro Asahi, also known as Jade Dew, is grown in the shade for about twenty days from the beginning of May until harvest. This makes it smooth and sweetish with very low tannin but a higher caffeine content. The very youngest, smallest leaves are hand-picked …

  • Japanese Sencha Uchiyama

    Japanese Sencha Uchiyama organic green tea

    From: £16.57

    This superior emerald green steamed tea is from the Uchiyama region of Japan and is an early spring picking. It produces a sparkling golden infusion with a smooth, appetising grassiness and a flowery aroma. Infuse 3 grams per person for …

  • Green-KoreaJeoncha-3

    Korea Jeoncha Green Organic

    From: £12.74

    This is a sencha style, second flush tea picked in June. It has a long, dark green leaf which is steamed and pressed flat. In the cup it produces a strikingly gorgeous, emerald green infusion which is fresh and bright on the palate with a lovely …

  • NepaleseKathmandu2

    Nepalese Kathmandu TGFOP organic tea

    From: £6.24

    Nepalese Kathmandu organic has a strength and slight sweetness that is ideal for an afternoon tea. Lovely tippy leaf has the aroma of a Himalayan meadow and produces a smooth, well flavoured cup with a character between that of a …

  • Test Product Image

    Nilgiri Thiashola TGFOP organic tea

    From: £6.88

    A rare, organic, large leaf Nilgiri that is not easily found. In fact Thiashola is the oldest of Nilgiri’s tea gardens having been established in 1859. It was certified organic in 2003. The leaf has a reddy hue. The liquor is classically light, with a …

  • Organic Golden Yunnan

    Organic Golden Yunnan tea

    From: £8.24

    Having golden tips this is a creamy, rich organic tea Golden Yunnan is from the northern highlands of Yunnan Province. It makes a very attractive, well-balanced morning tea that may be taken with milk.

  • BlackTeasForOrganicLovers2

    Black Tea for Organic Lovers Collection

    From: £55.54

    Here we have chosen four of our loose organic black teas


  • GreenTeasForOrganicLovers2

    Green Tea for Organic Lovers Tea Collection.

    From: £62.25

    Here we have chosen four of our loose organic green teas.


  • HuoshanHuangyaYellow3

    Huoshan Huangya Yellow tea

    From: £16.42

    Huoshan Huangya ‘Yellow Sprouting’ tea is a famous (Tribute) tea from Huoshan county in Anhui Province and dates from the Ming dynasty. Yellow tea is known as fresh or spring tea and is a good example of the skill of Chinese tea making.