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For premium quality, speciality loose green tea, white tea, black tea, formosa & China oolong tea, organic, blended and Japanese teas.

We are dedicated to supplying the world’s best loose leaf teas. These are sourced from areas of the world renown for the quality of their teas. Produced using traditional orthodox methods our large leaf grades give more balanced flavours. New stocks from our shippers are constantly arriving so you can be sure of the freshest teas to assured quality standards. Many are sourced through the Ethical Tea Partnership, about twenty of these are organic.

We donate £0.50 per order to Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. The charity aims to beat blood cancers. Tea is known to be rich in antioxidant flavonoids thought to combat cancers so it is fitting that we partner with them.



  • Nilgiri Tiger Hill Tea


    Tiger Hill is one of the most respected of the Nilgiri tea gardens. At an altitude of 8,500 ft the weather is perfect for growing the best tea.

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  • China Green with Jasmine flowers


    This Jasmine is a fine leaf tea with a full flavour of Jasmine flowers with which the tea is mixed during manufacture. It is particularly

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  • Chun Mee Moon Palace tea


    This is a green tea, also known as Precious Eyebrow, from the Anhui province and is greatly superior to Gunpowder. It has a good size green-grey

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  • Korea Jeoncha Green Organic


    This is a sencha style, second flush tea picked in June. It has a long, dark green leaf which is steamed and pressed flat. In the cup it produces

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  • Keemun Mao Feng China black tea


    Wiry black leaves produce a wonderful cup. From Anhui province, this Imperial grade Keemun, picked in March and April, has a natural orchid

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  • Formosa Oolong Poppy tea


    Our 'Poppy' Oolong has a large leaf and produces a delicate, light liquor. On the palate this oolong is distinctly exotic with a very slight

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  • Guide to Good Tea

    1. The Benefits of Loose Tea Using loose teas is the best way to make a cup of tea. With loose tea you can appreciate the full, balanced flavour of the tea. Here we explain why.   Loose tea makes the best tea. That’s a bold statement you say. Why? ...

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  • What is Yellow Tea?

    It can be compared with a green tea and a white tea. Yellow tea is little known because little is now made as its production is expensive. It is worth the trouble and expense however as ‘spring tea’ as it is known, is indeed fresh and aromatic. The name is ...

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  • How to make a good cup of tea

    By using loose leaf tea Loose leaf tea, especially large leaf grades make the best tea, as given a little time, they enable a balanced set of flavours infuse. There are however differences in how black, green oolong or white teas should be brewed and some famous China teas and ...

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